It's one of those days...

Ben Lippmeier benl at
Thu Aug 22 15:35:29 CEST 2013

On 22/08/2013, at 22:48 , Ben Lippmeier <benl at> wrote:

> On OSX Lion
> ------------------------------------------------
> $ ./sync-all get
> ...
> == libraries/dph: running git config --local core.ignorecase true
> == running git config --local core.ignorecase true
> == running git submodule init
> == running git submodule update
> error: Failed connect to; Operation timed out while accessing
> fatal: HTTP request failed
> Unable to fetch in submodule path 'libraries/Cabal'
> git failed: 256 at ./sync-all line 119.
> ------------------------------------------------

This one was my fault because I had the wrong http_proxy environment variable set.

I was confused because the ./sync-all script gets most of the repos with git:// style URLs, but then switches to http:// style URLs for sub modules.

not sure about the others yet.


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