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Am Sonntag, den 18.08.2013, 21:54 +0200 schrieb Gabor Greif:

> There is also user-supplied Typeable instances which are ignored (with
> a warning?).

at least no Typeabe-specific warning:

Prelude> newtype Age = Age Int
Prelude> instance Typeable Age
Prelude> :m + Data.Typeable
Prelude Data.Typeable> instance Typeable Age

<interactive>:5:10: Warning:
    No explicit method or default declaration for `typeOf'
    In the instance declaration for `Typeable Age'

It seems that GHC does prevent it in Safe mode, though:

       -- Check that if the module is compiled with -XSafe, there are no
       -- hand written instances of old Typeable as then unsafe casts could be
       -- performed. Derived instances are OK.
       ; when (safeLanguageOn dflags) $
             mapM_ (\x -> when (typInstCheck x)
                               (addErrAt (getSrcSpan $ iSpec x) typInstErr))


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