Help needed: exporting pattern synonyms

Dr. ERDI Gergo gergo at
Fri Aug 16 15:11:57 CEST 2013


As you can see in, 
my implementation of pattern synonyms is now feature complete for the 
first two sections of, namely, simple 
pattern synonyms and pattern-only synonyms. Bidirectional pattern synonyms 
using 'where' will also be easy to add and will be part of my initial 
submission. The current version of my code is at

However, the one part I am struggling with is implementing exporting of 
pattern synonyms. The pipeline is pretty clear to get the pattern synonym 
definitions to the ModGuts, but I get lost there. Since they are a 
completely compile-time thing, there's nothing to put in the CgGuts (well, 
I guess the wrapper (i.e. the patsyn-in-an-expression-context) should be 
put there). However, when I look at existing stuff in ModIface/ModDetails, 
I don't really see a pattern for storing actual definitions there.

Could someone help me with this part please? Would it make sense to put 
something like 
in the interface? Or put the "psPatDef" and the "fmap snd psWrapper" parts 
in the CgGuts and the rest in the interface?



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