lambda mining

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Fri Aug 16 13:58:48 CEST 2013

(devs: this thread is about adding useful new benchmarks to nofib.)

Oh bother. I'd forgotten about dependencies. I don't want to make building nofib depend on libraries other those in GHC anyway (bytestring, unix ok, asynch perhaps not).  If that makes it tricky, maybe we should give up on the idea.


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I'm not entirely sure how to do that, though. Do I just add it to the "real" subset?
How about dependencies (e.g. bytestring >= 0.9, unix >= 2.5.0, async >=, ...)

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great!  Just add it :-)


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Hi Simon,

(CC-ing co-authors)

Yes, I think it might work fine. Its running time can also be adjusted easily, depending on the maps
given as input and some internal parameters. How would we go about adding it to nofib?

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Wandering past your home page I took a look at your "lambda mining" paper.  Would it be suitable as a nofib benchmark? Moderate size, authentic code...  Would you be interested?


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