Machine-readable nightly output

Geoffrey Mainland mainland at
Fri Aug 9 03:53:41 CEST 2013

The nightly builds are running on machines at MSR. They're behind a
firewall/proxy, so even getting them to send out nightly emails was a chore.

I was planning on turning off the nightlies before I leave since they
frequently break (for example when libffi was moved into its own repo
everything broek) and there will no longer be anyone around to fix the
breakage. I was going to set up new nightly builds somewhere else and
put some effort into improving them. Ideally we can move to a uniform
build infrastructure by integrating with what is handled by I haven't taken the time to look at that code,
though...are you familiar with it? I agree that we could use some more
automation support.


On 08/09/2013 01:15 AM, Edward Z. Yang wrote:
> Hey Geoffrey,
> The nightly builds are running on your box, correct?  How
> hard would it be to modify the nightly scripts so that
> they also output machine-readable information about the build?
> For example, we could then setup a fingerprint database, where
> given some revision of head, you could find out if it built,
> and what the hashes of all the repositories it built with were.
> Edward
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