Fwd: Crash on Windows with large data

Yitzchak Gale gale at sefer.org
Tue Apr 2 20:07:49 CEST 2013

Please forgive me if you received this message twice.
I believe that my first attempt to send it was swallowed
due to my not being a subscriber to the list at that time.

We now have a Windows server with 23 GB of memory
temporarily available this week to work on this GHC crash.

Is there anyone interested in having a look at the problem?

Quick review: We have a proprietary app which crashes
on Windows with a BEX64 error when
it processes input data that causes it to use more than
about 4 GB of RAM. The same program when processing
the same data runs to successful completion on Linux.

Jason offered evidence that perhaps this is a general
problem with the RTS on Windows when more than 4 GB
of RAM is consumed.

Further information:

We are using 7.6.2 64-bit on Windows, and
7.4.2 (Haskell Platform) on Linux.

Our program also requires quite a bit of stack when
processing that large data. I give it 128 MB.

I just tried reproducing this problem by running a
simple program that eats up lots of memory.
First I used a list, then I tried "chopping things
up" more by using a rose tree. In both cases, I also
tried creating an intentional memory leak to
eat up lots of stack. None of that succeeded
in reproducing the crash. I wouldn't eliminate
Jason's hypothesis just yet, but so far it looks
like it's not quite that simple.

Any ideas?


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