[GHC DevOps Group] CircleCI status

Ben Gamari ben at well-typed.com
Sat Dec 22 15:44:38 UTC 2018

"Greg Steuck (Sh-toy-k)" <gnezdo at google.com> writes:

> I checked and we can go 10x what we have been using up to now. We'll have a
> spending cap of $4500/month set up.
> If you can get away from Windows, the licensing fees will stop eating into
> this budget.
Indeed. Currently Windows is eating a disproportionate amount of our
budget due to a perfect storm of considerations:

 a. Windows licensing fees, meaning Windows instances cost two-to-three
    times what we pay per-core for Linux instances

 b. the Windows linker is slow as mollasses, meaning we need lots of
    cores to keep up with our build volume

Build times are currently over three hours on the current four-core
machine we current have on GCE with over half of this being spent in the
testsuite where almost all time is spent in ld. I have made some
inquiries to see whether there is anything we can do about this.

In the short term I intend on increasing the size of our instance to try
to keep up with demand a bit better.

Thanks again for your help!


- Ben
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