[commit: ghc] ghc-8.6's head updated: containers: Bump to (c35ad6e)

git at git.haskell.org git at git.haskell.org
Wed Jun 20 22:27:12 UTC 2018

Repository : ssh://git@git.haskell.org/ghc

Branch 'ghc-8.6' now includes:

     df0f148 Improve error message when importing an unusable package
     793902e Improve documentation of Eq, Ord instances for Float and Double
     c637541 Provide a better error message for unpromotable data constructor contexts
     b8e3499 UNREG: fix CmmRegOff large offset handling on W64 platforms
     008ea12 Use __FILE__ for Cmm assertion locations, fix #8619
     04e9fe5 Add -Werror=compat
     50d7b2a Remove accidentally checked-in T14845.stderr
     d621644 Fix an infinite loop in niFixTCvSubst
     850ae8c Two small refactorings
     30b029b Fix typechecking of kind signatures
     6ac8a72 Typofixes in docs and comments [ci skip]
     de692fd Fix typo in comment only
     a9b01c0 Mark some TH tests as req_interp
     83a7b1c Adjust comments (Trac #14164)
     676c575 Fix API Annotations for GADT constructors
     26e9806 Document and simplify tcInstTyBinders
     4cdd574 configure: Bump version to 8.6.0
     000ac86 testsuite: Bump metrics for T5631 and T6048
     50e7bff containers: Bump to
     f0179e3 testsuite: Skip T11627a and T11627b on Darwin
     7b8dcd9 testsuite: Add broken test for #15289
     a5eaa0f Tweak wording in documentation
     436c0e9 findPtr: don't search the nursery
     21fa62f base: Add missing instances for Data.Ord.Down
     7363ba4 Revert "containers: Bump to"
     e839ee2 A few more typofixes in docs/comments [ci skip]
     942e6c9 configure: Fix libnuma detection logic
     f4dce6c Allow :info for (~) in GHCi
     b948398 Remove HsEqTy and XEqTy
     76e110f rts: A bit of cleanup of posix itimer implementation
     227ede4 Fix gcc.exe: error: CreateProcess: No such file or directory
     c35ad6e containers: Bump to

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