[commit: ghc] ghc-8.6's head updated: rts: Remove use of __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO (de34a71)

git at git.haskell.org git at git.haskell.org
Sat Jun 16 19:18:40 UTC 2018

Repository : ssh://git@git.haskell.org/ghc

Branch 'ghc-8.6' now includes:

     e4c41ec rts: Don't keep findPtr symbol alive if not -DDEBUG
     4672e2e relnotes: Add mention of QuantifiedConstraints
     d650729 Embrace -XTypeInType, add -XStarIsType
     0c5aac8 Revert inadvertant changes to .gitmodules
     8ffac59 Revert "rts: Don't keep findPtr symbol alive if not -DDEBUG"
     8062d7f Fix binary and haddock submodule commits
     f9b925a Bump haddock submodule
     3a18a82 Fix broken link
     db5ef2b Exclude libraries/libiserv/ghc.mk and other things via .gitignore.
     01c9d95 UNREG: PprC: add support for of W16 literals (Ticket #15237)
     807ab22 Fix the bind-recovery type
     f903e55 Fix corner case in typeKind, plus refactoring
     2f6069c Make better "fake tycons" in error recovery
     dbe5370 circleci: Remove systemd from Fedora nsswitch configuration
     69954a1 Fix documentation for `-dth-dec-file`
     b7deeed testsuite: Make T4442 compile on i386 and mark as broken
     e6498d6 Bump supported LLVM version to 6.0
     78f5344 No Unicode in Parser.y
     b67b971 Make NameSort note into proper Note
     91822e4 Add "quantified constraint" context in error message, fix #15231.
     9c89ef3 Make dtrace enabled GHC work as a bootstrap compiler on FreeBSD
     7100850 Use data con name instead of parent in lookupRecFieldOcc
     42f3b53 Fix #13833: accept type literals with no FlexibleInstances
     fe770c2 Built-in Natural literals in Core
     1279428 Quantify unfixed kind variables in CUSKs
     8ee9c57 Amend configure script to support lndir build tree
     1ab2dcb testsuite: Mark num009 as broken due to #15062
     1f2ed99 testsuite: Mark overflow1 as broken on 32-bit platforms due to #15255
     86210b2 rts: Use .cfi_{start|end}proc directives
     cd95c2f Preserve parenthesis in function application in typechecker
     a81b99d Bump nofib submodule
     dbc8c0f base: Improve the documentation of the enumFrom series of functions
     de34a71 rts: Remove use of __USE_MINGW_ANSI_STDIO

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