[commit: ghc] master: Do not omit T4030 in GHCi mode (bb83831)

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Sun Jun 10 07:26:10 UTC 2018

Repository : ssh://git@git.haskell.org/ghc

On branch  : master
Link       : http://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/changeset/bb8383149640d919df071fce248afa0d83661c4b/ghc


commit bb8383149640d919df071fce248afa0d83661c4b
Author: Ömer Sinan Ağacan <omeragacan at gmail.com>
Date:   Sun Jun 10 10:25:40 2018 +0300

    Do not omit T4030 in GHCi mode
    (it currently works fine in GHCi)
    Reviewers: bgamari
    Reviewed By: bgamari
    Subscribers: simonmar, rwbarton, thomie, carter
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4824


 testsuite/tests/concurrent/should_run/all.T | 3 +--
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/testsuite/tests/concurrent/should_run/all.T b/testsuite/tests/concurrent/should_run/all.T
index 5b548b7..ca9c720 100644
--- a/testsuite/tests/concurrent/should_run/all.T
+++ b/testsuite/tests/concurrent/should_run/all.T
@@ -40,8 +40,7 @@ test('T3429', [ extra_run_opts('+RTS -C0.001 -RTS'),
      compile_and_run, [''])
 # without -O, goes into an infinite loop
-# GHCi does not detect the infinite loop.  We should really fix this.
-test('T4030', omit_ways('ghci'), compile_and_run, ['-O'])
+test('T4030', normal, compile_and_run, ['-O'])
 # each of these runs for about a second
 test('throwto001', [reqlib('random'), extra_run_opts('1000 2000')],

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