[commit: ghc] master: Handle abi-depends correctly in ghc-pkg (1626fe6)

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Sun Jun 3 03:22:34 UTC 2018

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commit 1626fe600672d3dabcf95d11a6c16da5f5ec1068
Author: Tobias Dammers <tdammers at gmail.com>
Date:   Sat Jun 2 21:23:21 2018 -0400

    Handle abi-depends correctly in ghc-pkg
    When inferring the correct abi-depends, we now look at all the package
    databases in the stack, up to and including the current one, because
    these are the ones that the current package can legally depend on. While
    doing so, we will issue warnings:
    - In verbose mode, we warn about every package that declares
      abi-depends:, whether we actually end up overriding them with the
      inferred ones or not ("possibly broken abi-depends").
    - Otherwise, we only warn about packages whose declared abi-depends
      does not match what we inferred ("definitely broken abi-depends").
    Reviewers: bgamari
    Reviewed By: bgamari
    Subscribers: rwbarton, thomie, carter
    GHC Trac Issues: #14381
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D4729


 testsuite/tests/cabal/cabal05/cabal05.stderr       |   4 +
 .../tests/safeHaskell/check/pkg01/safePkg01.stdout |  16 +--
 utils/ghc-pkg/Main.hs                              | 142 ++++++++++++++++++---
 3 files changed, 139 insertions(+), 23 deletions(-)

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