[Freebsd-haskell] Some Topics to Discuss...

Gabor PALI pgj at FreeBSD.org
Mon Jan 19 16:52:32 EST 2009

Hello Ashish,

Sorry for the late answer.

> Maybe I'm not getting this right but I don't without fiddling with the
> files in ${PORTSDIR}/Mk you can achieve that auto-magic inclusion of
> bsd.haskell.mk in haskell related ports. I propose the way which xpi-*
> ports are following until we make it to the ${PORTSDIR}/Mk. All of the
> xpi-* ports directly include "xpi-adblock/Makefile.xpi". So I think this
> much of manual effort we can do :).

Okay :)

> Well my approach is to stop following the official ports tree in the
> officially documented way, but instead work on the ports tree from a git
> repository. [..]


> For our ports, there will be separate branch "haskell" where we will
> push our changes. And we need to decide on a policy on how are we going
> to push changes to 'haskell' branch and then finally to the FreeBSD PR
> system.

I saw that BSDSharpers are doing it this way: they have an SVN
repository where they put their stuff, and they have a ports guy who
helps them to commit.  As far as I have seen, they have periodical
updates to the official tree, they heavily test their changes and then
they submit a PR (like [1]).  They track some ports that they actually
do not maintain, but test for compatibility.


[1] http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=ports/129724

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