[Freebsd-haskell] Things to do (re: Some Topics to Discuss...)

Gabor PALI pgj at FreeBSD.org
Sat Jan 17 15:34:13 EST 2009


On Sat, Jan 17, 2009 at 8:38 PM, Samy Al Bahra <sbahra at applicative.org> wrote:
> I suggest that we stick to having individual maintainers for now and
> switch maintainers once
> bsd.haskell.mk is ready to a private mailing list consisting of us
> initial porters.


>> I think this approach could even make us re-think whether a
>> cabal2port converter is really needed.
> No, it doesn't. Unless we have implemented a query-complete *.cabal
> parser in bsd.haskell.mk,
> there will remain to be massive productivity boosts with such a thing
> (ones much greater
> than having a bsd.haskell.mk when it comes to Cabal).

Okay.  If I have some time, I will try to experiment with this .mk,
and send a proposed version to this list.

> We will make it easy for you to
> generate patches on a per-port basis and per-branch based on dependency. Since
> none of us are committers, how exactly you decide to merge is
> irrelevant to us as
> long as it doesn't involve breaking things. :-P

Okay.  By the way, I am on the haskell at freebsd.org "list" by now ;P  I
assume it also means that I can maintain the ports assigned to this

> Let us get some serious work under our
> belt before advertising our efforts.

No problem, I expected this answer.

>> - GHC 6.8.10:  What is up with GHC?  What are the exact obstacles to
>> get the latest version ported? Has anybody tried it?  (I am just
>> curious.)
> This is a non-trivial issue. This will be discussed in a separate
> thread as to keep
> requirements/directions crystal clear. I suggest an overhaul of how these ports
> are structured to begin with in order to save ports which do not build
> or function
> properly with GHC 6.10.



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