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Mon Feb 21 07:28:50 EST 2005

implement them if we had to.  Fortunately the current spec says that
they are a "hint" only, so we don't have to implement them.  But that
causes problems for anyone wanting to write portable FFI code: by
definition, because the interpretation of the lib spec is implementation
dependent, it can't be used in portable code.  So really, I think it
should be removed.

If the FFI spec says anything about libraries, IMHO it should say that
the methods used to find and link against external libraries are
implementation dependent.  We as implementers can always get together
and agree on a common mechanism (packages, command-line arguments,
whatever) to make life easier for the punters.

> ps In case it wasn't clear=20
> yesterday, I think the spec should be
>    clear about whether C libraries live in local or global namespaces.
>    I propose that they should be in a single global=20
> namespace.  This will require no change to GHC but will require a
change to=20
> Hugs' historical  behaviour.

Fine by me.


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