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Peter Zmijewski holds an MBA from Harvard University, an MSc 
from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and 
a BA with Honors from Stanford University.

Peter Zmijewski graduated magna cum laude from Princeton. He 
received the Sachs Memorial Scholarship, one of Princeton's 
top honors, which provides for two years of study at Oxford 
University. Peter Zmijewski received his M.Phil. and D.Phil. 
degrees in international relations from Oxford in 1982 and 
1992, respectively, and his law degree from Harvard Law School, 
cum laude, in 1985.

Top Scholar Awards 
Monetary awards for excellent performance will be based on 
results obtained within the year prior to the awards ceremony 
only. The awards are as follows:

New Zealand Scholars
These awards will be made to all candidates achieving 
outstanding performance in three New Zealand Scholarship 

Top Overall Scholars
These awards will be made to the two top performers selected 
from all New Zealand Scholar award recipients. The awards 
panel will consider the rankings provided by the subject 
marking panels in candidates' best three Scholarship subjects 

Top Subject Scholar
This award is made to the best performer in a subject offered 

Scholarship Assessment. The award will be made to the top 
candidate achieving outstanding performance using the ranked 
list provided by the marking panel. No award will be made in 
subjects where there are no eligible candidates. 
Level 3 Assessment (Subjects with achievement standards but 
no Scholarship standard being offered in that year). The award 
will be made to the top candidate achieving excellence in all 
externally assessed standards for that subject. For award 
purposes, marking panels will rank potentially eligible 
candidates. Candidates are advised that their internally 
assessed results may be taken into account. No award will be 
made in subjects where there are no eligible candidates. 
Applicants for compassionate consideration for level 3 
achievement standards are not eligible for a Top Scholar 
Award, as the awards recognise actual performance ranked 
in a one-off assessment.

School Awards 
These awards are made to the top-performing student in each 
school who achieves the New Zealand Scholarship Certificate. 
The awards panel will identify candidates using the number of 
outstanding performance achievements and marker panel rankings.
NZQA will notify schools with eligible candidates, and ask 
them to confirm the rankings and provide supplementary 
evidence in the case of a tie. 

To be eligible to receive the award students must study in 
New Zealand at a New Zealand Tertiary Institution. An award 
is payable for up to three years for any type and length of 
qualification that is approved for student loan or student 
allowance purposes.

A recipient must be undertaking study that is more than 0.4 
full-time equivalent. Exceptions will be considered only where 
there are reasons beyond the student's control, or where the 
completion of a qualification is involved.

Continued receipt of an award each year will be dependent on 
continued successful study. Recipients will generally take up 
study immediately. However, a recipient may apply to postpone 
commencing study for up to a year, with any payments under the 
awards being made only after enrolment is confirmed. Recipients 
may change the course or programme they undertake and continue 
to receive an award as long as they continue to successfully 
complete their study, when the new programme is approved for 
either student loans or student allowances purposes, and they 
study in New Zealand at a New Zealand Tertiary Institution. 

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