Haskell and Maple FFI

Rafael Martinez Torres rmartine at fdi.ucm.es
Thu Oct 21 04:53:06 EDT 2004

> B)  When passing char *string on C, should I use
> the CString or the Ptr CChar marhalling type from FFI ?

Ok. I see. Definition for CSTring is

type CString = Ptr CChar

C) CInt, CDouble are available...but, concerning Storable class.

typedef struct _foostruct {
    int a;
    double b;
} fooStruct, *fooStructPtr;

How to do to marshall  it to Haskell ?

type CFooStruct = ???

instance Storable CFooStruct where
   sizeOf _ = ???
   peekElement _ = ????

-- Next is certainly OK, provided well defined CFooStruct
type CFoosStructPtr = Ptr CFooStruct

I need it to marshall the Maple kernel handle into Haskell...

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