Request: withArrayLength

Sven Panne Sven.Panne at
Tue Mar 30 01:54:56 EST 2004

Ross Paterson wrote:
> [...] The only problem is that the not-so-hierarchical module Foreign is in
> the base package rather than haskell98, and I would argue that such an omnibus
> module doesn't belong in the hierarchical libraries, even if it does make your
> import list shorter.  How about moving it?

Those "omnibus" modules are quite handy, the only downside of "Foreign" is that
it doesn't exactly collect the modules below it in the hierarchy. This would
have been the better choice IMHO, but we decided to do differently for legacy
reasons, IIRC. Renaming "Foreign" will probably wreak havoc, much more than
simply adding 2 functions to "Foreign.Marshal.Array", which get re-exported
by "Foreign".


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