Extension to the FFI to allow macro expansions to be avoided

Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk qrczak at knm.org.pl
Fri Apr 16 14:02:55 EDT 2004

W liście z pią, 16-04-2004, godz. 15:25 +0100, Simon Marlow napisał:

> I wondered about that (while writing my last post) but it still seems
> like a hefty price to pay for the small number of problematic cases we
> have, and given that you can already write the C stubs by hand to get
> the desired effect.  Hmm, perhaps this falls in to the category of
> something we expect an external tool to do?

I think the preferred way to interface to a C library is via a
typechecked C source, not via binary linking.

But if it's made harder, programmers are tempted to avoid that.

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