Bound Threads

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Mar 21 08:38:16 EST 2003

| However, my proposal is not anywhere fundamentally difficult -- in its
essence, I just
| propose to move the implementation of the thread allocation strategy
from the RTS/C
| code, to a Haskell library. This gives programmers both a low-level
interface for
| explicit access and a high-level interface as it is now.

It may well not be difficult, but nevertheless I am having difficulty
understanding it.  I'll have to wait till you have time to explain it.  

| What I mostly wanted to ensure is that people have really thought
about this carefully
| and that they could give strong reasons for choosing a particular
design over another.

The difficulty is that I can't give strong reasons for choosing X over Y
when I don't understand what Y is.  Next week is ok though.

Good luck with thesis writing!


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