Bound Threads

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Fri Mar 7 08:40:21 EST 2003

| First let me outline my current understanding of what 'bound' means.
| Consider the following scenario:
|   Haskell program is running in OS thread 't1'
|   Haskell program calls C function 'foo'.
|   'foo' forks a new OS thread 't2'.
|   In parallel: 't1' calls Haskell function 'f1' and
|                't2' calls Haskell function 'f2'
|   'f1' calls C function 'g1'
|   'f2' calls C function 'g2'
| My understanding is that 'bound' requires that 'g1' be executed by
| thread 't1' and that 'g2' be executed by thread 't2'.

You didn't say where the program mentions 'bound'!  

I tried very hard to give a precise description of what bound threads
are, in haskell-report/ffi/threads.tex.  (Wolfgang circulated a PDF
recently.)   Does that specification make sense?  Does it answer your
question?   (If not, we should improve it.)  

I'm sure it would be improved by examples -- would you like to add one?


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