ANN: H98 FFI Addendum 1.0, Release Candidate 8

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Wed Jan 22 04:13:39 EST 2003

I put a snapshot of the current status of the FFI Addendum
as RC8 at

Despite there still being two unfinished discussion threads,
I felt that it is time for another RC, as many people
probably don't track the progress in CVS.



% Changes since RC7:
% * Clarified the lexis of C identifiers and C header file names
% * In `ForeignPtr', added `mallocForeignPtrArray' and `mallocForeignPtrArray0'
% * Clarified spec of allocations functions adding constraints taken from the
%   corresponding C routines
% * `mallocBytes' and `allocaBytes' must align memory sufficiently for any
%   basic foreign type that fits into the allocated block
% * Removed typos in the description of the module `ForeignPtr'
% * Added Peter Gammie to the list of acknowledged people
% * `addForeignPtrFinalizer' guarantees that finalizers for a single foreign
%   pointer are executed in the opposite order as they were added.
% * `Storable': Require that the size is divisible by the alignment
% * Added Ross Paterson to the list of acknowledged people
% * Added hs_free_fun_ptr() and hs_free_stable_ptr()
% * Changed order of arguments of `mkIOError' and `annotateIOError' to match
%   with the current implementation in GHC's FFI libraries.

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