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Fri Dec 5 00:05:49 EST 2003


I am Mr. Mark Taylor, the Son to the Ex-PRESIDENT CHARLES TAYLOR OF FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA. First, I must solicit your strictest confidence in this transaction; this is by virtue of its nature as being utterly confidential and top secret. 

I must apologize for taking some of your valuable time to explain a proposal that I believe will be of utmost benefit to both of us. I am consulting you on behalf of my father Ex-PRESIDENT CHARLES TAYLOR OF LIBERIA. Who deposited huge sum of money amounting to USD $255,000,000.00 (Two hundred and fifty five million United States Dollars) with a security company in EUROPE which was intended for the purchase of war equipment, but due to the fact that we are currently in ASYLUM in NIGERIA he requested that I urgently look for a foreign partner, who could help us immediately claim and invest this funds, as the western world most especially the united states of America is demanding that my Father should be tried at the international war crime tribunal in HAGUES. And looking back to what happened to PRESIDENT SLOBODAN MILOSEVIC OF YUGOSLAVIA, who has been facing charges in war crime tribunal in HAGUE over years. These facts you can confirm from the LIBERIAN EMBASSY in your country or you can request for BBC, CNN, and SKYNEWS, publications for further proof.

I am soliciting your assistance in taking over the ownership of the fund in your name and invest it on behalf of my family who shall be a partner (UNDER ANONMITY) in whatever business venture you intend investing, because of the hunt by international community to freeze my father^Òs bank accounts and confiscate his assets all over the world. We are willing to compensate you with a satisfactory percentage of the money for your cooperation and assistance in this regard. This money was kept and lodged in a security vault in a crate marked ARTIFACTS. For the time being, it is safe and undisclosed. Therefore, contact me immediately, only if you are able and interested in assisting my father. Kindly contact me preferably using my personal email address  soon as possible. 

Thanks for your co-operation; I apologize for encroaching into your privacy with this e-mail. 

Yours sincerely, 
MARK TAYLOR for my the family

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