ANN: H98 FFI Addendum 1.0, Final Version

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Mon Dec 1 01:59:37 EST 2003

Two weeks ago, I wrote,

> Release Candidate 16 of the H98 FFI Addendum 1.0 is now
> available from
> I'd like to propose RC16 as the final form of Version 1.0 of
> the FFI Addendum.  If you find any problems with this
> version, please raise them within the next two weeks.

No problems have been reported in the last two weeks.
Hence, I declare RC16 to be the final version of the H98 FFI
Addendum Version 1.0.  The web page

has been updated correspondingly.  The HTML version of the
Addendum is still forthcoming.

On the Haskell definition page

the FFI and Hierachical Modules Addenda are currently listed
as candidates.  I think the wording here should be changed
to indicate that the FFI Addendum has been finalised.


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