Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Sep 25 08:05:45 EDT 2002

> > However, to provide a general ordering property on finalizers would
> > be quite awkward in GHC - I just can't think of an easy way to do
> > it.  [Awkward ways deleted]
> If I understand correctly, the problem is that each FP has a cloud of
> finalizer objects attached to it with no particular structure between
> finalizer objects and the reason for this unstructured cloud 
> is because you're piggy-backing on some other mechanism.

Actually in the current implementation the finalizers are not attached
to the ForeignPtr at all:  it's the other way around.  This paper
explains the details:

There's currently no way to get from a ForeignPtr to its list of
finalizers (well, you could do a full GC and figure it out).


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