Finalizers 2: Bayou Justice (and Weak pointers to boot...)

Alastair Reid alastair at
Mon Oct 14 17:06:58 EDT 2002

>> and if we are adding things to the FFI spec, how about the empty
>> data declaration? it is painfully simple to implement and would
>> make FFI code a lot cleaner as it tends to depend heavily on
>> placeholder types..

> Hugs and ghc already have it (AFAIK).  I recently added it to nhc98.
> Do you think it should become a formal part of the FFI standard?  Or
> is it best left as another "common" extension of Haskell'98 that
> just happens to be implemented everywhere?

I think it's main use is in the ffi so it makes sense to add it there.
I don't feel that strongly about this though.


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