Finalizers 2: Bayou Justice (and Weak pointers to boot...)

Alastair Reid alastair at
Sat Oct 12 13:03:07 EDT 2002

> For the record, I am strongly in favor of Haskell finalizers, if a
> Mutable State extension were to be written, then it will have to
> address the issue with one of the solutions mentioned in this
> thread, 

We already have a perfectly good Mutable State extension.  We know
exactly what it looks like.  It's already implemented by all compilers
that support the FFI.

There's really no question of putting off solving FFI-induced problems
until such an extension exists.  The extension exists now, the problem
would have to be solved now.

> The ability to tie the liveliness of ForeignPtrs together is quite
> important for many applications.

Can you give an example?  (Maybe there's a paper that mentions it,
I'll happily go read that.)


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