Finalizers etcetera

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Sat Oct 12 08:36:18 EDT 2002

> > What hasn't been required is for the various data structures to be
> > in a consistent state at that point, and Haskell finalizers might
> > trip over those if run after GC.  SimonM's patch ran them at a
> > different point, though.
> It calls them in eval doesn't it?
> eval is called by nearly every primitive in Hugs.
> Most calls are benign since the calls are at the start of the primop
> before any data structures have been fiddled with.
> It's even possible that none have any problems.  All I'm saying that
> we will have to look over the code before we know if there is a
> problem (while others are claiming that there couldn't possibly be a
> problem).

Actually, I was claiming that if there's a problem there, then it's one
you already have.  The reasoning I used is just that eval() can call a
foreign function, which can re-enter Hugs.  My patch added no new code
paths (as I said before).

Perhaps there *are* problems with existing primitives which call eval(),
but you need to check those anyway.


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