Finalizers strike back

Alastair Reid alastair at
Sat Oct 12 05:24:11 EDT 2002

> (It would be nice to have some concurrency in nhc98, of course, but
> I don't foresee that happening soon.)

I remember implementing cooperative concurrency in Hugs as being
rather easy.  Of course, that was building on a base which already used
a continuation passing IO monad...

If you want to try, I could dig out some details but the main issues

1) When you have a choice of which thread to wake next, it matters
   which you wake next.  IIRC, waking the wrong one makes it impossible
   to implement a producer-consumer pattern.

2) There's a lot of interaction with non-deterministic exception

3) unsafePerformIO foo had better not block since we have no way to
   block the non-monadic code that invoked it.  In that case, we 
   raise an exception or give up (don't remember which).

> Actually, I'm just wondering whether I can use the GC as a
> poor-man's scheduler.  If a finaliser blocks on an MVar, save its
> state, keep the finaliser in the pending queue, and return to the
> main thread.  Then on the next GC, try the same finaliser again, ad
> infinitum until it succeeds.

The finalizer won't become runnable until someone does a putMVar so
you can deal with this case by storing the finalizer's state in a
queue of blocked threads attached to the MVar and having putMVar do a
context switch to the thread at the head of the MVar's queue of
blocked threads.  If you want finalizers to have priority over other
threads, have two queues: one for finalizers, one for normal threads.


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