cids and fnames in ccall impents

Ian Lynagh igloo at
Tue Nov 19 08:25:05 EST 2002

On Wed, Nov 06, 2002 at 12:04:22AM +0000, Ian Lynagh wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 09:53:52PM +0000, Alastair Reid wrote:
> > 
> > If it isn't spelled out explicitly already, it would be good to do that.
> How about something like this?
> Maximal munch applies.
> token -> special | "&" | fname | cid | whitespace
> special -> "static" | "dynamic" | "wrapper"
> fname -> ... ".h"              (... as I don't have [3] handy)
> cid -> ... excluding special   (... as I don't have [3] handy)

[3] tells me that cid is [_a-zA-Z][_a-zA-Z0-9]* (which I think should be
in the FFI spec itself too) but I can't find a definition of fname in

The C99 spec allows a lot of stuff I don't think makes sense after
#include, but a header file is specified by either "[^"\n]+" or
<[^>\n]+>. This only seems sensible if the "" or <> are also in the
impent string which is not the case in the examples.

Can someone clarify the intention for me please (and preferably also do
so in the FFI spec)?


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