Alastair Reid alastair at
Thu Nov 7 13:42:26 EST 2002

>> obviously, we'd want to remove the word 'Ptr' from the name of the
>> type.  Candidates:
>> ForeignProxy, ForeignObj, Foreign
>> I think 'Foreign' is an essential part (at least, given the
>> restriction to C finalizers) and I favour the first two over the
>> last which seems too general.

> Maybe "Finalized"?

But then people will start asking why finalizers have to be C functions... 
(0.5 :-))

I'd say that Finalized would be a fine name for a GHC-specific variant
that allows Haskell finalizers.  Nice clean design, no particular ffi
dependency.  Might cover a useful common case that WeakPtrs perhaps
don't (???).


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