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Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Wed Jun 19 10:46:42 EDT 2002

Alastair Reid <reid at> writes:

> With the GHC folk saying they ignore lib specs, the NHC docs saying
> they ignore lib specs (first bullet in
> and Hugs currently
> treating the lib-spec as arguments to be added to the CC command line
> but keen to change to something sane, I propose that we drop lib specs
> from the ccall part of the ffi specification.

I think this is reasonable.  IIRC, the only purpose of the lib spec was
for interpreters like Hugs, and if you think you no longer need them,
then let's get rid of them for ccall.  [The .net case is separate.]

> No doubt GHC and NHC will continue to use package descriptions.  (Hugs
> won't use them because... packages haven't been implemented for Hugs
> yet.)

Well, nhc98 has only just adopted a minimal notion of packages, and
we don't yet have any package description a la ghc's package.conf.
If we do adopt the description mechanism, it will use exactly the
ghc format, but I thought we would first try to manage without,
and see if it causes any pain.  Lazy implementation in action...


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