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John Meacham <john at> writes:
> I may be missing something obvious here, but from the current FFI
> spec it appears that it is impossible to create libraries in haskell
> which are meant to be called from c code without running into
> undefined behavior. The problem is in the definition of hs_init()
> and hs_exit() .  now, it is acceptable to have hs_init and hs_exit
> called in the initialization and finalization of your library, but
> the problem arrises when you link against more than one library
> which is implemented in haskell, suddenly whichever library is
> initialized secondly segfaults! (or whatever undefined behaviour
> means.).  programs could suddenly stop working when a library is
> changed from a c implementation to a haskell one, which seems to be
> a bad thing.

Hmmm, I see what you mean.

> proposed fix: allow nested calls to hs_init, hs_exit, a counter is
> incremented when hs_init is called more than once, and decremented
> on hs_exit. only the last call to hs_exit will actually do whatever
> needs to be done.

The hs_init function takes arguments - what if each call to hs_init
specifies a different set of arguments?  How about:

  hs_set_hs_argv   (int argc, char *argv[]);
  hs_set_prog_argv (int argc, char *argv[]);
  hs_init     ();
  hs_exit     ();

hs_set_hs_argv sets command line parameters for the Haskell 
  runtime system 

  It can be called at most once and that call must be before the 
  first call to hs_init

  Warning! The flags are not remotely portable between different
  Haskell runtimes.

hs_set_prog_argv sets arguments seen by getProgName and getArgs

  It can be called at most once and that call must be before the 
  first call to hs_init

hs_init initializes the Haskell runtime

  It can be called multiple times and must be called before the first
  call to any function exported by the Haskell code.

hs_exit finalizes the Haskell runtime

  hs_init and hs_exit are required to satisfy the usual bracketing rules:

  1) At any time, the number of calls that have been made to hs_exit must be
     no more than the number of calls that have been made to hs_init.

  2) If the number of calls to hs_exit is equal to the number of calls
     to hs_init, then no further calls to hs_init may be made.

By the way, the name 'hs_exit' is a little confusing - I expected it
to have an ExitCode argument.  'hs_fini' would better match its actual

> note that this cannot be implemented by the programmer himself since
> there might be several third party libraries also implemented in
> haskell which an app wishes to link against.

You can implement the modified API (or your modified semantics) quite
readily as a little library which you link against your program.  All
you have to do is tweak the names a little (e.g., s/hs/HS/) to avoid
name clashes.

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