Generating Function Prototypes

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Mon Jul 8 10:38:57 EDT 2002

> > add the 'noproto' modifier to the Haskell FFI decl, and the prototype
> > is omitted.  This is both easy, and (I would guess) very portable.
> But surely that would be non-portable because different Haskell systems
> would have different prototypes in scope?  Or am I not understanding the
> idea?

The idea is that, on the whole, it doesn't matter whether (or how many)
header files are included.  By and large, the generated prototypes
are compatible with any that might be in scope already.

So yes, where there is a conflict due to a particular compiler bringing
certain prototypes into scope (requiring 'noproto'), and another compiler
would not have that prototype in scope, this is when portability of the
source code is strained.

However, I am arguing that this is a comparatively rare situation,
and moreover that some simple #ifdef'ery could make up the difference
between the compilers in that rare case.


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