Generating Function Prototypes

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Sun Jul 7 15:18:34 EDT 2002

At 2002-07-07 09:28, Simon Marlow wrote:

>Your example works fine when compiled with the native code generator.  I
>explained (in my previous message) that GHC needs header files and
>prototypes in order to generate correct foreign calls when compiling via


>This is, IMO, a GHC-specific issue and doesn't have anything to do
>with the FFI specification - although confusion could be avoided if the
>spec pointed out that some implementations might need access to header
>files/prototypes in order to compile the code.

Wouldn't it be better if this were simply considered a bug in GHC? Doing 
-fvia-c really shouldn't affect program behaviour IMO, I don't see why 
the compiler can't create its own private prototype when compiling to its 
own private C, that guaranteed to behave the same way compiling directly 
to object code would.

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA

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