Generating Function Prototypes

George Russell ger at
Thu Jul 4 10:39:16 EDT 2002

Alistair wrote
> ps I still think we're better off removing header files completely and
> having the Haskell type completely determine the calling convention
> employed.  But since I'm not getting any takers on that, I'll settle for
> pinning down the spec as tightly as possible.
Perhaps I'm missing something here, but in that case how on earth is the
poor user to find out if the Haskell type really corresponds to the C type,
before the program coredumps?

I see there is a problem here in that no such check can be carried out when
the compilation is not done via C.  Would it be possible for the compiler in such
a case to spit out a C file which typechecks if and only if the Haskell and C
prototypes match, and ask gcc to typecheck it?  You could even use this approach in
all cases, then C code compiled from Haskell would never need to include
user-supplied header files.

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