FFI progress

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Wed Mar 28 04:33:11 EST 2001

| I propose the following (basically my last proposal plus
| suggestions made by others):
|   foreign import "gtk.h:foo" foo :: <type>
| corresponds to a `#include "gtk.h"' and
|   foreign import "<gtk.h>:foo" foo :: <type>
| corresponds to a `#include <gtk.h>'.  The former allows to
| have a custom `gtk.h' "lying around" as suggested above.
| The filename may of course be a path.
| As suggested by SimonM, we also allow multiple includes
| seperated by comma
|   foreign import "<sys/types.h>,<sys/sockets.h>:socket" 
| socket :: <type>

Do we really need this?  Surely it's not so hard to have one
header file per package living in a standard place that collects
the headers needed for a particular package, including whether
they are <..> or "...", etc.    

Its easy to add features and nigh impossible to remove them. 
I suggest we have just


(no ".h") meaning 
	#include "gtk.h"

Now we can sensibly interpret "gtk:foo" as meaning "foo from package
and in concrete terms import a suitable header file.  But I could
a clever compiler could also use to add gtk.a to the link line etc
(hence no .h).

Let's see if simplicity  is too painful.  I can't imagine it will be.


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