unsafePerformIO and unsafeInterleaveIO

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 22 11:26:52 EST 2001

Alastair Reid writes (on the FFI mailing list):

> ps I wonder if it'd be possible to merge them by doing this 
> in the hslibs repository:
> 1) Move the STG Hugs ifdefs out of the way:
>    find . -name '*.[l]hs' | xargs perl -p -i 
> -e's/__HUGS__/__STG_HUGS__/'
>    The __HUGS__ label made sense when I expected CLassic Hugs 
> to be replaced by STG-Hugs
>    - but it wasn't so it should be renamed.
> 2) Merge in the current Classic Hugs libs (using ifdef __HUGS__).
>    (There's a question of what to do with the Hugs libs which 
> don't exist in
>    the Hugs-GHC standard.  I imagine that GHC merrily puts 
> GHC-specific files
>    into the repository and that'd be the thing to do with 
> Hugs files.  In each case,
>    a giant ifdef round the whole file would prevent it from 
> troubling the other party.)
> 3) Add enough infrastructure to make it easy to checkout a 
> working version of Hugs
>    based on the hslibs repository.

Rather than doing this, if there is effort available at the Hugs end I
would urge them to participate in the discussion of the new library
proposal.  The result will be an evolution of hslibs, so I'm not keen to
put in too much work on hslibs until the design is settled.

The plan for the new libraries is to have a central compiler-independent
repository for the source.  It'd be great if Hugs joined in too.


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