Let's get this finished

Simon Marlow simonmar at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 10 05:54:46 EST 2001

> > [ MarshalError ]
> > But SimonM said that he doesn't want to make errno Haskell
> > thread local...
> Wasn't this only due to efficiency reasons? IIRC Fergus had a good
> suggestion (copying errno only on thread switches or something), so
> I'd like to hear Mr. HsLibs' opinion on this topic again.

It'll have to be done (copying errno on thread switches, that is).  But
I still hate it.

> > [ MarshalUtils ]
> > BTW, can't we just use `with' now.  IIRC, the only reason
> > Marcin used `withObject' was because of a clash with the
> > implicit parameter extension.  This has been changed now,
> > hasn't it?
> Nope, not yet. Although there was some consensus about SPJ's
> ?-suggestion for those bindings, it's not implemented yet.
> Any takers? If this has been done, `with' would be better, indeed.


> > > And just a final topic which really should be settled:
> > > "Marshal" or "Marshall"??   :-}
> > 
> > I would have taken the latter, but I think, SimonM
> > originally proposed the name MarshalUtils with one "l" and
> > as he is the native speaker...

dictionary.com recons that 'Marshal' is the correct spelling.
'Marshall' is a military rank only, AFAICT.


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