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On 02-Jan-2001, Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk <mk167280 at> wrote:
> Null function pointers are a non-portable concept - ANSI C does not have
> them, only null data pointers.  But many existing C interfaces use them,

You're mistaken -- ANSI/ISO C definitely does have null function pointers.
So it's not suprising that many existing C interfaces use them.

> and even the ability to cast between data pointers and function pointers
> is described as a common non-standard extension in ISO/ANSI C99.

That's true. ANSI/ISO C does not guarantee that a data pointer will
fit in a function pointer or vice versa.

If you want something that could be either a data pointer or
a function pointer, you need to use a union:

	union {
		void *data;
		void (*func)(void);

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