Summary of current change suggestions

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty chak at
Wed Feb 21 22:40:47 EST 2001

"Alastair Reid" <reid at> wrote,

> >    * specifying libraries in the source isn't the right way to
> >      go.  Library names change independently of APIs, and can be
> >      platform-specific.
> I like the high level goal this is heading towards and was in complete
> agreement with implementing it in rules like this until....  I realised that
> all that Hugs sees is the source (i.e., there's no makefile to put extra
> compilation info into) - so if it ain't in the source, where is it?

Command line options passed to Hugs on startup, or possibly
with :set.  The former can be used to code the startup of
Hugs including the correct options in a Makefile or shell
script.  (That's how I started doing it with GHCi - works

As I have explained in an earlier message, putting libraries
into the source just isn't going to work in all cases - eg,
it won't work for Gtk+HS, because GTK+ wants you to execute
a shell script (gtk-config) to determine the libraries.
This is easy to do in a Makefile or script, but impossible
in the source.


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