Simon Marlow simonmar at
Tue Nov 28 11:37:05 EST 2000

> > As for the errno issues, I think the hsc2hs solution is simple and
> > straightforward and doesn't require an 
> architecture-dependent algebraic
> > datatype.  BTW Maloclm, if you haven't yet taken a look at 
> hsc2hs I urge
> > you to do so (fptools/ghc/utils/hsc2hs): it should work 
> unmodified with
> > nhc98, and it'll let you write C constants like EINTR directly in
> > portable Haskell code.
> I could imagine such a solution being quite nice.  Is there any
> documentation for hsc2hs?  I don't know what its input should look
> like.

There's some documentation in fptools/ghc/docs/users_guide/utils.sgml
(except it's called hs2c there; I didn't get around to updating the
name).  I can't connect to at the moment so I'm not sure if
the docs there are up to date enough to have this stuff.  Marcin's
QForeign library has plenty of examples too.


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