qforeign-0.63 is out

Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk qrczak at knm.org.pl
Fri Dec 29 10:09:27 EST 2000

(Will be in CVS there soon.)

Changes since 0.62:

* Adapted to MarshalUtils and ForeignPtr introduced in ghc-4.11.
* Works on ghc-4.08 through ghc-4.11 and nhc98-1.00 through nhc98-1.01.
  Uses native modules where available, otherwise supplies missing parts
  itself if possible. (nhc is currently too buggy and produces crashing
* Examples split into separate packages which link the right C libraries
  and #include the right C headers. Ready for using in other people's
* qforeign-config script for using with ghc versions without user
  packages and with nhc.
* hsc2hs (renamed from glue-hsc) implements #undef, #error, and #let
  (macros to be applied to the Haskell source, although using somewhat
  ugly stringified syntax).
* Can be used either after 'make install' or after building inplace.
* Db3 interface started (very incomplete).
* Include files CHANGES and COPYING.

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