[database-devel] sqlite3-simple?

Janne Hellsten jjhellst at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 20:41:08 CEST 2012

Hi list,

I've been looking for better Haskell sqlite bindings for few months now.

So far I've tried or investigated the following sqlite packages:

- hdbc-sqlite3
- sqlite
- direct-sqlite

At the same time I've played around a bit with postgresql-simple.
I've come to quite like the postgresql-simple API and would like to
have a access API for sqlite.

Unfortunately, all the existing sqlite bindings seem to offer a much
lower level interface.

I'm thinking that if no *-simple style Haskell library exists for
sqlite3, I'd like to create one.

I've exchanged a few e-mails about this with Leon and with his help
have a few ideas on how to go about it.

Leon suggested that the design should be two libraries: one low-level
library that can be unsafe to use directly and another medium-level
package that's built on the low-level library.  The medium part would
borrow pretty directly from existing *-simple packages.

I dabbled a bit with my own low-level sqlite bindings but later came
to realize that the direct-sqlite package
(http://ireneknapp.com/software/) seems to be pretty close to what I'd
need.  So I'm thinking that could be the low-level part of

Does this seem like a useful thing to build? (I know I'd need it.)

Does something like this already exist?



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