Releasing WinHugs

Brian Smith brianlsmith at
Wed Sep 7 15:02:22 EDT 2005

On 9/7/05, Neil Mitchell <ndmitchell at> wrote:
> Hi,
> With the patches that have been submitted, the bug list for WinHugs
> hits 0, see .

There seem to be two serious known bugs in Hugs on Windows:

* The wrapper FFI doesn't work. This means that the Win32 library and the 
OpenGL library probably don't work (along with any other libraries that use 
wrappers). I don't know if it ever worked or not, but based on "make check" 
failures, there is something wrong.

* "interact" and "getChar" don't work in CVS WinHugs, but they worked before 
(right?). This is a regression.

"interact" and "getChar" are in the Haskell 98 prelude. I think that 
implementing the Haskell 98 standard should always be priority #1.

When does it suit to release WinHugs? It needs a bit longer for beta testing 
> etc, but is a Hugs release being planned soon, or should WinHugs be released 
> separately? How stable is the Hugs code base, i.e. is it release worthy?

I think it would be confusing to users to release WinHugs seperately from 
the command line Hugs. Next weekend I will verify that (Win)Hugs from CVS 
builds correctly using MS Visual Studio 2003. I would recommend making a 
test release soon. That way, people downloading WinHugs for their Fall 
semester CS courses can test it out and report bugs.

- Brian
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