cvs commit: hugs98/src char.c

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Sat Nov 15 17:14:44 EST 2003

ross        2003/11/15 17:14:44 PST

  Modified files:
    src                  char.c 
  Continuing the addition of Dimitry Golubovsky's work on adding Unicode:
  widen the consChar table (a tabulation of (:) c for each Char c) to the
  full range of Chars.  The table is now implemented by a sparse 3-level
  array, allocated and filled lazily.  For speed, the ASCII subset is
  treated specially.
  This isn't necessary yet, since consChar() isn't currently called with
  a value larger than 255.  This will change with the subsequent addition
  of Unicode I/O and full numeric escapes in string literals.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.4       +124 -0    hugs98/src/char.c

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