cvs commit: hugs98/src HsFFI.h builtin.c machdep.c storage.c storage.h

Alastair Reid
Fri, 14 Mar 2003 16:52:19 +0000

> ok. There's quite a bit of HugsAPI2 code still being used and
> distributed. My preference is that support for it stayed around.

Really?  Where?  How much?  

Does it work with the new hierarchial libraries and with yesterday's
CVS copy of Hugs (i.e., did it work before my commit)?  

Since it is GreenCard generated code, can we just recompile it using
the ffi target instead of the Hugs target?

Does this code rely on any other features of Hugs that we might like
to change?

How long should we keep support for it around? HugsAPI2 has been
deprecated since 2000/12/13.

Is it still likely to be around come the time of the next Hugs

Couldn't you have mentioned this on one of the occasions when I said I
was planning to remove all GreenCard support (as distinct from ffi
support) from Hugs?