cvs commit: hugs98/src/dotnet config.h

Alastair Reid
Thu, 13 Mar 2003 13:35:01 +0000

> forgot to add this..(is it wise to have an entry for config.h in
> CVSROOT/cvsignore?)

The problem being that .cvsignore applies recursively to any subdirectories?

Hmmmm, moving it down into hugs98/src/.cvsignore won't help because
while it will correctly hide hugs98/src/config.h, it will still hide

You could create hugs98/src/includes and move the machine generated
config.h to there along with the .cvsignore.  Basically, we'd be
overcoming the recursive behaviour by making sure that config.h only
occurs in leaf directories.  

Or you could remove config.h from the top-level .cvsignore.  Seems
like the best option for now.