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Malcolm Wallace
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 10:42:32 +0000

Simon Marlow wrote:

> > I can understand the desire to mirror exactly the existing .NET
> > hierarchy, but I concur with Malcolm that the .NET base classes should
> > really be placed under a prefix in the Haskell hierarchy.
> > 
> > System.DotNet is fine, but I wouldn't object to taking the top-level
> > DotNet name either.

Ross Paterson <> writes:

> Placing everything under DotNet seems the most reasonable way of mirroring
> an external framework.  Wouldn't this be the ideal time to do it?

I concur.  Please don't overlap the standard namespace with platform-specific
modules.  Placing it all under DotNet (or System.DotNet by comparison
with System.Posix) would be sensible, and if it is going to be released
soon, the change will be easier before than after.