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Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 4 Mar 2003 10:38:18 +0000

"Sigbjorn Finne" <> writes:

> Just to clarify -- this is a separate toplevel namespace
> (mirroring the .NET Framework). Should conflicts become
> an issue a prefix will be added.

Ah, I see - this is the standard .NET namespace, as opposed
to the standard Haskell namespace.  That's fine, no problem.

Personally, I would still prefer a DotNet prefix, mainly to indicate
that these are platform-specific libraries rather than ones that
might be assumed to be platform-neutral.  We already see many newbies
assume that because e.g. fromInt is in the Hugs Prelude, then it must
be standard Haskell, so I predict already the day when someone asks
"Why doesn't GHC accept an import of System.Array?" or similar.

Actually, I do notice a minor conflict already - System.Console
is a directory in the base package, and it is also a module in the
dotnet package.  Although this is OK by the hierarchical rules, it
may be a little confusing that the module does not simply re-export
(some of) the contents of the directory, because in fact they live
in different packages.