cvs commit: hugs98/dotnet hugs98/dotnet/doc dotnet-lib.html dotnet.html examples.html hugs98/dotnet/examples/basic Env.hs Http.hs Mail.hs hugs98/dotnet/lib DotNet.hs hugs98/dotnet/lib/Syste m Array.hs ...

Malcolm Wallace
Mon, 3 Mar 2003 11:30:16 +0000

Sigbjorn Finne <> writes:

>   This commit adds interop support for the .NET platform.

Looks interesting!

However, just one minor point:

>     dotnet/lib           DotNet.hs 
>     dotnet/lib/System    Array.hs Console.hs DateTime.hs Enum.hs 
>                          MarshalByRefObject.hs Object.hs 
>                          ObjectTy.hs String.hs StringTy.hs Type.hs 
>                          TypeCode.hs TypeTy.hs ValueType.hs Xml.hs 
>     dotnet/lib/System/Collections IEnumerator.hs 
>     dotnet/lib/System/IO Directory.hs DirectoryInfo.hs 
>     dotnet/lib/System/Xml XmlAttributeCollection.hs 
>                           XmlNameTable.hs XmlNamedNodeMap.hs 
>                           XmlNode.hs XmlNodeTy.hs XmlReader.hs 

These hierarchical names look rather strange.  Why "System" as a
base dir?  Wouldn't System.DotNet be perhaps more reasonable, ala
System.Posix for instance?

Also, for example, how do these submodules compare with the more
"obvious" locations:

    System.Array     Data.Array
    System.String    Data.String
    System.Xml       Text.XML

although, since they are .NET-specific, perhaps they belong down
another level, e.g.